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Baxtabber x-realm 70 rogue 
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Post Baxtabber x-realm 70 rogue
First of all, as it says on the recruitment post, i dont expect any replys. But i make this and hope that you might open your eyes for me anyways.

General information
Where are you from?: I am from Laxå, Sweden.
Age (better be old enough to pay for your own account)?: I am getting 18 now in june, and yes, i pay for my own account.

Game information
Ingame Name: Baxtabber
Race: Undead
Class: Rogue
Level: 70
Time played? Type /played ingame: I have played 90 days with my rogue, 20 days of them at lvl 70.
Professions: 375 Alchemy (Potion mastery) / 375 Herbalism
Do you have any rare patterns (not that important but always nice)?: Fel mana potion, major arcane and shadow protection potion, fel strength elixir

Talent build (better be good or we will tell you to change): 16/45/0, using fist and dagger
What is your usual play time?: Usually i play between ~16:00 to whenever raid ends or to ~01:30, though, now when summers coming will probably play alot more.

Can you follow our raidschedule, and don't have to kiss your mommy 10 minutes each hour?: In my previous guilds i had nearly 100% raid attendence and i never go away from a raid to eat etc. So yes, i can follow your raid schedule.

Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said?: I got ventrilomix, a very good sound card and stable headphones.

Got enough money to respec and willing to do it?: Got enough money and im willing to respecc whenever you say i have to.
Previous Guilds: eXodus, Keepers of Wisdom, F A L L E N, Requiem
Have you have any raiding experience?: Pre TBC i cleared everything except whole Naxxramas, there ive got experience from whole spiderwing and a few more bosses. In TBC i have cleared Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Mag'theridons Lair, Kazzak and downed Hydross.

Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: Since i am a X-realm applicant i dont think so.

Attuned to Karazhan?: Yes
Attuned to SSC?: Yes
Attuned to The Eye?: Yes
Attuned with heroic instances?: Yes

Profile (Allakhazam/CT/Armory): ... =Baxtabber

Other stuff
Why do you want to join us (impress!)?: Since i have spent almost my whole raiding experience with greek and other east-european people i think it would be a relief to play with (from what ive read) more scandinavians (similiar culture, humour etc). I play because i want to explore and master the endgame content of this game, and i would like to join you because i think as i help you with damage and my company you help me with what i want to accomplish. And as you seem to be a good and progressing guild i would like to join you. Also one of my IRL-mates just transfered here.

Any other thing you want us to know? Like if you are a traded account, cross-server application or have a serious mental disorder that forces you to do retarded pulls in raids?: I have to add that i am currently playing on the Lightning's Blade realm, and would gladly transer to TN if you would let me in. I dont have any mental disorders that i know of (/silly) and i am playing on the same account i bought when this game released.

Thu May 31, 2007 1:52 pm
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