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Ghan, 70 Shaman 
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Post Ghan, 70 Shaman
General information
Where are you from?: Sweden
Age (better be old enough to pay for your own account)?: 17 ½

Game information
Ingame Name: Ghán
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Level: 1...70 ofc :p
Time played? Type /played ingame: 127 days total and 44 on lvl70 on the shaman
Professions: Dragon LW & Enchanting, both 375

Do you have any rare patterns (not that important but always nice)?: ehm... would be Monsoon belt recepie. Otherwise its mostly the regular stuff for enchanting.

Talent build (better be good or we will tell you to change): Elemental, 42/0/19

What is your usual play time?: From mabey 14.00 server time (Usual time for waking up) to perhaps 03.00 server time. So it's quite a bit

Can you follow our raidschedule, and don't have to kiss your mommy 10 minutes each hour?: Whats wrong with kissing mommy every 10 min? :P Except the part with that its grose. On a more serious note, I'm very active and always there for raids. So its a yes on this question

Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said? Yes, no working mic atm thou :(
Got enough money to respec and willing to do it? Got the money for it and can respecc if needed, preferably not restoration thou. Started playing as resto in May 2005 :P and have played as it untill recently.

Previous Guilds: Nemesís (My pre-tbc HC guild), Vortex (didn't stay there long, didn't feel right for me there for some resaon), Diminished (Was disbanded when i got home from a vocation) and currently in Absolution (Will explain further down)
Have you have any raiding experience?: Yes.

Pre-Tbc exp:
Cleared: Aq20, ZG, MC, BWL & AQ40 with Nemesís. Did Spider wing, Noth and Razuvious in Naxx with them aswell. Then it disbanded at TBC start.

BC exp:
Cleared: Kara, Gruul's Lair, ssc. (Cleared ssc with absolution). And also 3/4 in TK, done a couple of hours of tries on Kael'Thas.

Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: hmm... I was in same guild as Pimmer & Anderpanda on my warrior (Vaakoo) for a while, so they might. Dunno if they remember me thou. Also played with Brutalizer in Vortex.
Edit: Kavira might be able to vouch aswell, played with him in Diminished.

Attuned to Karazhan?: Yes
Attuned with heroic instances?: All of them (Before they lowered it to honored req)
Attuned with Mount Hyjal or Black Tempel or what part are you on? (huge plus): I need Kael'Thas for Hyjal

Profile (Allakhazam/CT/Armory): ... =Gh%C3%A1n

Gear Manual Template (not needed if you got a profile, witch you should have)
Enhance gear:
Head: Helm of Desolation
Neck: Traitor's Noose
Chest: Ranger-General's Chestpiece
Wrist: Stalker's War Bands
Hands: Gauntlets of Sniping
Belt: Girdle of the Tidal Call
Legs: Midnight Legguards
Rings: Violet Signet of the Master Assasin & Ring of the Overseer (Shartuul event drop)
Trinkets: Hourglass of the Unraveller & Core of Ar'Kelos/Bladefist's Breath
Main & Offhand: Fool's Bane and Bogspine Knuckles (Will fix Gladiator hackers if i would go full time enahnce)
Gun & Bow: Stonebreaker's Totem
Sum: 7380hp, 6953mana, 1374ap with DW (get a bit more with gorehowl), 229 Hit rating, 20.93% Crit

In my resto gear I got 7958hp, 10208mana, 1674 healing (as resto) and 145mp5.

Other stuff:

Well, as i wrote, i'm currently in Absolution. But it's having some problems, the GM left the guild and started to play his warlock in FtA. The maintank and our prot pala also joined FtA. Another contributor to me trying to get a new guild is that I wanna try out raiding as dps aswell. Only done a few kara runs as it and nothing major. And our current dps shamans in Abs is to active for me to get a spot. And as I mentioned, I started raiding as resto in may 2005 and have been doing that ever since. So wanna have a little change, would preferably join as elemental or enhancement if possible. Might change my mind and stay resto for pve thou...

Why do you want to join us (impress!)?: I know this might be a long shot and that I 1. Dont got MH/BT attunement 2. Dont got superb gear.
But i'm a really dedicated player that enjoys PvE (More or less the only reason im playing :P) And consider myself quite good at my class. I'm a fast learner and can take critisism/corrections if I do something wrong.
Also I really miss the a bit more hardcore raiding, ever since Nemesís disbanded (The pre-tbc hc guild) it just havent been the same. And I think Out of Range can bring that back to me :)

Any other thing you want us to know? Like if you are a traded account, cross-server application or have a serious mental disorder that forces you to do retarded pulls in raids? hmm... nothing. Except that i can be quite spamhappy with pure nonsense when i get tierd

"My power is discombobulatingly devastating. I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It's ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm."
-Mike Tyson

Sun Dec 30, 2007 7:45 pm
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